Taking that first step to seek help and support…

It can be scary, a relief and a mix of many other layered and complicated emotions. Feeling helpless and vulnerable that you have not been unable to “fix” the problem yourself.

You are not alone and you don’t have to do this alone.

I’m here for you and here are some of my specialties

Low Self Esteem Do you feel like you can’t understand why others would want to be around you? Wondering why you are often feeling down on yourself? We can explore the core beliefs that create a disconnect within.

Relationship to the Body Do you find yourself feeling uneasy in your body? Being critical or unaccepting? Constantly trying to manipulate it to feel worthy? As a Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned and fat positive psychotherapist we can collaborate on creating a deeper relationship between you and your body. Striving for liberation and acceptance as you move through the world and in relationship with others.

Grief Have you lost a loved one? A beloved pet? Are you finding it hard to go about your daily life? We can explore this loss, spend time making meaning out of life after they have gone.

Death Anxiety Do you have a fear of death? Maybe a curiosity? Working with hypnosis we can explore this fear and create a balanced personal relationship with death.

Spiritual Emergence/Crisis Have you recently had energy work done and unsure about how what is coming up for you fits into your life? Are you finding yourself seeking for greater meaning in life and unsure of what that looks like? Let’s explore these experiences together and how they can integrate into your life and your spiritual beliefs and practices.

Highly Sensitive People/Empaths Have others commented on how you might be “too sensitive”? Do you feel other peoples’ feelings? Do you find yourself having trouble with transition or overwhelming feelings? You may be a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath. I can support you in relating to the gifts you possess and creating and maintaining energetic boundaries. We can also explore coping tools to help you as you move through the world.

Next steps

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